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two green moutains

Daisy Home located in the Cityland Park Hills – new urban model for nearly 27 hectares in ward 10, Go Vap district. Environment and learning space at Daisy's Home is design is optimal for the activity of the child. The school is located in the security zone, a green square and country music, few minutes walk. Daisy Home is a perfect environment for children to explore and learn activities in the field of study and participate in outdoor activities.

city land park hills
Cityland Park Hills

Daisy Home research the scientific development of the child to the design should be the living space and modern learning, and minimalist aesthetic to stimulate the creativity of children. Children are at the centre of everything that we deploy operation, so Daisy Home, creating an environment to nourish the soul and attention to the child's interactions in space that we created, to support the development of personality and keep abreast of the curriculum. In particular, space Daisy Home designed semi-fixed, can the interval to display the works by the young, creative and team-work together with friends and teachers.

daisy home preschool lobby

Play area of the child is focused on the design suitable for every age. Fun time in the house at the designed area special is the opportunity for physical development and a child's imagination. In addition, Daisy Home has always focused on the safety, but still create the opportunity for children to freely motion, because the play area has carpet for young children to practice gross motor skills in a safe way. All toys and learning tools are carefully selected, ensuring safe and child-friendly.

daisy home preschool playground

Open library is where Daisy Home laid the foundation building for young love for books. We designed these reading corner full light, seat pleasant, selective list of stories, poems, and books, bilingual... space library that is fascinating installations in the reach of children to promote children explore the world books.

daisy home preschool library

The house dress is a place to help children develop social, help kids favorite meal time together with friends and teachers, since then, we help children eat proactive and well absorbed. In particular, on the campus of the dress, to help children understand and appreciate food, we're dedicated to young an area planting trees special to the child care and monitor the development of seeds in long time. Learning and fun in school environment creation in Daisy Homes will make young always feel happy by space special help young excitement of exploring and creative the artwork shown is thinking, their feelings. A happy environment and safe for the child will always be absolute peace of mind of parents.

daisy home preschool eating room